How Technology Helps With Our Daily Lives

With education, you are able to bring the educational experience to the home, which we have seen with the rise of colleges such as the University of Phoenix, which is almost totally online. You can also go ahead and take hazmat classes and other required classes that you may need in order to make sure that you can get the most out of the career that you are trying to keep up with. Many government agencies now allow you to apply for benefits and other needs online, which allows for a faster processing time (and a lot less paperwork).

New technology makes it easier for social institutions to find out what needs and concerns the general public has. Before, you could send in surveys, or call the company, or send a letter, but usually that correspondence took a long time in order to get to the institution, or because of the protocol that needed to occur.  With new technology, it is easier for social institutions to maintain records. They are also able to more quickly gather the data and respond to it. The technology also makes it easier for social institutions to be able to personalize their services.

Not all social institutions have caught up with this trend. Some lower level government agencies, many mom-and-pop brick and mortar stores, and other smaller, usually local, social institutions have not updated their technology. The thing is, these institutions don’t necessarily have to, because they were already able to personalize what they did due to the nature of their business/services.  Larger social institutions have benefitted more from these changes in technology. And it will likely continue to be that way until technology is more accessible to anyone, no matter what their income or other concerns may be.