Find a Top Dentist

Are you serious about getting your teeth in better shape? If you are someone who does care about their appearance, but you feel as though your teeth are not looking their best, you may want to find a really good dentist Charlotte NC. Now we understand that you may have issues with going to the dentist, because you had some bad experiences when you were younger. But the fact is that you may have experienced a really bad dentist. As long as you are willing to give yourself a chance to find a good dentist, you should not have any issues at all.

The great thing about top dentists is that they can help you with so many teeth and gum-related issues. Whether you want a simple cleaning or you want to get your teeth whitened, or you really need some assistance with a tooth that is paining you, the dentist can help in a big way. In terms of cleaning, we would suggest getting it done every few months. Professional cleaning really helps ensure your teeth and gums are as strong as they need to be going forward. And if you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth, a whitening session every five or six months is a good idea too.

Your dentist can also talk to you in detail about good oral hygiene. It is so important for you to develop a schedule where you are regularly brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash. The oral routine that you develop will help ensure that the good work done by the dentist does not go to waste. So make sure you are looking up the top dentist in your area and booking an appointment at their offices as soon as possible. It will really change your oral hygiene in a big way.

Cosmetic vs. Aesthetic

Between these two terms related to two similar branches of dentistry, there is often confusion when viewing advertisements like “cosmetic dentist Bridgewater” and it is assumed that it could be the same as an aesthetic dentist. This is a mistake; both specialists perform different types of jobs and treatments.

Let’s start with aesthetic dentistry. Its objective is simple and in a certain way, pure. This specialty seeks to maintain the natural beauty of teeth through treatment. It seeks to preserve without making very remarkable modifications to the natural form of your gums and teeth.

It seeks to create harmony among all those factors that make up a smile, and we do not only talk about the geometry of the teeth and the shape of the gums, other elements come into play when having a good smile, among them are the color of the lips and the color of the teeth, just to name a few. When this set of elements fit correctly, the work of aesthetic dentistry is done, since this specialty does not seek perfection, but to highlight the natural beauty of a smile.

On the other hand, we have cosmetic dentistry, which involves a series of treatments that aim to accentuate and maximize the natural beauty of the patient’s teeth and gums. It seeks to improve the color of the teeth through whitening treatments. It also seeks to replace disproportionate teeth with others, it seeks the symmetry of the teeth and sometimes this involves replacing our natural teeth with dental implants, which are sometimes very useful for people who have suffered accidents and lost their teeth. Another option very consumed by celebrities today is dental jewelry, which are basically pieces of gold, silver or some other metal or precious stone, placed strategically in our teeth.

There you have it. Both branches of dentistry are similar, with similar goals but different in their methods to achieve them. Now you know.